Kosher Questions

What does kosher mean?
Kosher food indicates that a supervising Rabbi has meticulously examined our factory to determine cleanliness and purity of containers and utensils. All ingredients must be purchased from only kosher manufacturers. Then and only then, can a company place a kosher symbol on their packages.

What does it take to become kosher?
To be certified kosher, all products must be manufactured under the strict supervision of a Rabbi who checks to be sure the proper methods of production are followed.

What does the “U” mean?
The “U” is pronounced “O U’ and stands for Orthodox Union. This is also the symbol of the most prestigious of all the certifying agencies as well as the most widely recognized by consumer.
Kosher certified foods represent $2 billion worth of sales in supermarkets; 85% of those products are certified “U.”

What does the “D” stand for?
The “D” means Dairy (milk and dark chocolate), which indicates that the products contain dairy ingredients. Our company does not carry anything that is completely parve. All of our products have some milk in them.

Are all your chocolates kosher?
Yes. One cannot mix kosher with non-kosher. Mixing the two makes everything non-kosher.